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Mar 23, 2017 - Celebrities Who Look Like Their Cars

We've all heard that if you spend enough time with your pet or significant other, you start to look like them. But we never hear about people who look like their cars. The average person spends over four years of their life driving and 38 hours a year stuck in traffic, so perhaps it's possible for a person to end up looking like their car. Or maybe there's a weird science where we subconsciously pick cars that reflect who we are. Either way, these next 5 celebrities and their cars could almost pass for twins (if it wasn't for the whole animate-inanimate thing.) Paris Hilton & her Bentley Continental

Car enthusiasts might cringe at the fact that Paris Hilton had her Bentley Continental painted bubblegum pink with matching rims, seats, and a steering wheel, but can you deny the pair's similarities? While cars like BMW, Lamborghini, and Ferrari are seen as cars for people who want to flaunt their "new money", Bentley is an "old money" car for people who have so much money they don't need to flaunt how much they have.

David Beckham & his Porsche Turbo

Since he was signed to Manchester United at 17, David Beckham has become one of the most valued and well-known soccer players in the world. Yes, we're using David and his Turbo as an example partly because of its name (the car is fast... David Beckham runs fast... get it?), but also because after a 20-year career, he's still considered one of the best. Since the Porsche 911's creation in 1963, it's been upgraded and reimagined infinite times, and its Turbo counterpart remains one of the best sports cars out there. Okay, this example isn't so much about Beckham looking like his car as it is the overall resemblances between the two.

James Bond & his Aston Martin(s)

Understated, timeless, and incomparable. The Aston Martin is significantly lesser known than other high-end cars (like the Lamborghini, Ferrari...), making it the perfect match for an elusive, badass CIA agent like James Bond. We say Aston Martins plural because no one Aston Martin in the James Bond series is less perfect than the others. Pictured above, Daniel Craig looks identical to his DB5 in (suit) colour and in suaveness. This is our idea of a dynamic duo.

Nicki Minaj & her Lamborghini Aventador

We know. Another pink car. It's an abomination. But again, Nicki Minaj's matte bright pink $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador is the perfect complement to her over-the-top, caricature-like personality. Unlike Paris' Bentley, the Aventador is a lot more flamboyant, with its dramatic angles and scissor-doors, much like Minaj's personality.

Jay-Z and his Maybach Exelero

Jay-Z is one of the most successful rappers (the 3rd richest, and with a net worth of $550million), and he's very open about his expensive taste in jewellery and cars. His Maybach Exelero is proof of that at $8million and one of the most expensive celebrity cars. The sleek black finish with chrome detailing matches Jay's sleek black suit and extravagant bling to a tee.

Jan 20, 2017 - Throwback to the 6 Most Futuristic Concept Cars

We're all a little intrigued by the future. It's fun to speculate where technology will be in ten or twenty years, because really, anything is possible. The new year especially, is a time to reflect on the last year's personal and worldly changes, as well as to surmise the coming year's. The automotive industry is no different. Every year, manufacturers present their newest concept cars. Some are totally feasible and end up being selected as the next year's newest models. Others are completely outrageous and unpractical, and never end up being produced. These ones are our favourites; they're over-the-top, innovative, and creative.

In anticipation for what we hope to be a great new year, we're looking back on a few of the most futuristic concept cars that were (and still are) way ahead of their time.

Mazda Furai Concept


The Mazda Furai concept from 2008 looks like a souped up Batmobile. The Furai was designed to look like a race car meant for the road, and haven't we all, at some point, pretended we were driving a race car down an empty highway? (*Disclaimer: We do not encourage speeding.*) The TopGear website even refers to the Furai as, "the defining concept car of its era". Unfortunately, it never made it to mass production, but the design was so ahead of its time that perhaps once all the kinks are ironed out, the Furai can make a brand new entrance that doesn't end up in flames.

2005 Ford-Shelby GR-1 Concept


Maybe it's just the chrome finish, but the 2005 Ford-Shelby GR-1 looks like the Terminator-cum-spaceship, to us. If only the exhausts threw flamethrowers. The GR-1 was almost feasible to manufacture, aside from a few tweaks to meet safety regulations and an unappealingly low sales projection. But like the Furai, this car was enough ahead of its time that it could still make a comeback in the future.

eXtremes by Marianna Merenmies 


The three-seater crossover designed for the "eXtreme" Russian climate would fit right in with James Bond's snow-chase scene in Spectre. Lightweight and aerodynamic, its upward-opening doors make it the perfect getaway car for a Secret Service Agent. Made with a carbon fibre frame, the eXtreme protects against heat, cold, and noise. Just throw in some bullet-proof windows and it's almost as if it were developed for Russian spies.

The Lamborghini Ferruccio by Mark Hostler.


The Lamborghini Ferruccio concept looks like it's about to transform into Optimus Prime's worst enemy. The aggressive design and narrowed headlights that resemble glaring eyes look like it's ready to attack anyone who gets in its way. Every part of the Ferruccio was inspired by the brand's lineage: it's named after Ferruccio Lamborghini, the company's founder, and inspired by the Countach and Miura designs.

McLaren JetSet by Marianna Merenmies


The JetSet concept is a sleek and undoubtedly attractive to its intended premium clientele. The car's thin rear reduces its weight and increases its travel efficiency, making it easier to navigate through the high-traffic city streets. Generally, a sharp design evokes a more futuristic feel, but the JetSet is curvy in all the right places, and the unexpected fins are what elevate a generic sports car to an innovative one.

Taihoo Car Concept 2046 By Hao Huang.


The Taihoo looks like a hover board. Is there anything more futuristic than a hover board? We don't think so.

May 17, 2016 - Long Weekend Staycations Within 2 Hours of the City

(Featured image via BlogTO) Mother Nature hasn't been overly consistent these past couple weeks. Between the pellets of snow last weekend to alternating sunshine and thunderstorms, it's been hard to plan our daily outfits and activities, let alone the long weekend's. Luckily though, it seems like the weather is finally settling down and harmonizing itself, and this weekend is supposed to be sunny and hot (we might even hit a high of 26 on Monday)!

As a proper welcome to the much-awaited spring weather, we've compiled a short list of long-weekend staycation trips, within a couple hours from the city, that you can take with your family, friends, or significant others (or, if preferred, by yourself)!

Healing Salt Cave Niagara Falls, ON

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.21.05 AM

Yes, it's ironic that on our first warm, sunny weekend, we're suggesting you hide yourself away in a cave, but the Healing Salt Caves in Niagara Falls will leave you feeling so refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the summer! We see it as a sort of spring cleaning for your body - the salt caves have infinite health benefits for respiratory, cardiovascular, and dermatological conditions. And really, considering you'll start seeing results and have an easier time breathing after only 20 minutes, you'll still have the rest of the long weekend to spend exploring Niagara Falls (and maybe take a wine tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake) .

Pillar and Post Niagara-on-the-Lake

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.51.17 AM

Speaking of Niagara-on-the-Lake, if you do choose to visit one of their many vineyards, we will obviously not advocate drinking and driving back to Niagara Falls, so why not stay at Pillar and Post, an eclectic and incredibly aesthetically appealing inn. The decor is reminiscent of a very fashionable grandmother, and the skylight in the main lobby would be especially scintillating on a sunny weekend like this one. The inn also offers spa treatments and other [indoor and outdoor] activities!

Classroom Suites Picton, Ontario (Prince Edward County)

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.45.24 AM

The long weekend is the perfect time to visit Prince Edward County. Located a little bit over two hours from the city (sorry, our title lied!), you'll need the full three days to really enjoy everything Picton has to offer. The classroom suites are located about 15 minutes from the Sandbanks Provincial Park, so you can spend the day relaxing on the beach, or get active with a hike through the park. Bursting with vineyards (and the occasional brewery), what better way to spend the first weekend of 20-something degree weather with a wine tasting. For a more laid-back afternoon, wander around the Picton area and stop by and support small businesses like the Ungallery or the Black River Cheese Company (to go with all that wine).

Power Yoga Canada Muskoka 

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.31.40 AM

Consistently appearing on Best Trip lists, and with over 100,000 seasonal homeowners each year, Muskoka is the epitome of summer-getaways in Ontario. If you want to really immerse yourself in nature this weekend, get your zen on with Power Yoga Canada . Not only is a retreat a great opportunity to finally spend some much needed outdoors time (after our never-ending run of winter and miserable weather), it will send you back to work on Tuesday feeling relaxed and ready to face that pile of work you left on your desk when you bolted out the door on Friday!

Mar 01, 2016 - Weird Driving Habits You Should Probably Stop Doing

We know that texting and driving is illegal now, which one could hope has lead to a decrease in distracted driving accidents, but that hasn't seemed to stop people from doing other dumb (and downright weird) things on the road. In 80% of collisions, drivers had only taken his or her eyes off the road for 3 seconds prior to the accident, and while banning cell phone usage when driving is a great start, some drivers seem to think some of these driving habits are acceptable by comparison.

Eating - We don't just mean eating a piece of toast in the car when you're in a hurry to get to work. We've heard of people eating full bowls of cereal or entire pies (just two of many weird examples) while driving. With a bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other, what's steering the car? Well, naturally, your foot.

driving & eating

Reading - Was it Oscar Wilde who said you can never be overdressed or overeducated? We're all for catching up on school readings or expanding your literary repertoire, but maybe you should leave it to a time when you're not depending on 4,000lbs of metal to protect you from the oncoming traffic, should you lose control of your vehicle. If you really need to read and the only time to do it is during your morning commute, why not take public transportation instead?

Beauty routines - Hollywood often portrays women as the distracted drivers - painting their nails, putting on lipstick.. shaving their legs? Apparently shaving is a common driving habit for both men and women in a hurry to get somewhere. We just have two questions for people who shave while driving: how exactly do you clean the razor, and more importantly, do you really want to take the chance of getting in an accident while you're running a sharp blade across your skin?


As funny as it may be to see the person in the car next to you eating an entire pie, we (the 3 out of 4 motorists who multitask while driving, specifically) forget just how dangerous distracted driving is. Whether it's texting or eating a pie or shaving your legs, we need to remember to give 100% of our attention to the road.

Feb 16, 2016 - Body Shop Glossary

  How often are we so sure we understand something when someone is explaining it to us, but we get home and suddenly draw a complete blank? Collision repair terminology isn't exactly casually integrated in our day-to-day conversation, and some words can be a little confusing. We've broken down some common terms you might find on your estimate or invoice, that might cause you to scratch your head a little bit.

Aftermarket Parts New car parts that were made to fit a specific car but don't come directly form the car's manufacturer.

Appraisal The first step of the repair process-  an assessment of your car's damage and what it will cost to be repaired.

Deductible A deductible is a portion of your repair cost that your insurance company will not cover.

Detailing Detailing involves cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces of the car.

Domestic Parts Dealerships within North America may choose to manufacture the parts for their cars in foreign countries, however, these are still considered domestic parts.

FEA Short for Front End Alignment, and really just means all four wheels needed to be aligned.

Flex Additive A Flex Additive is a chemical application, which softens (but doesn't weaken) paint, in order to repel stones.

Foreign Parts Parts that are manufactured specifically for dealerships outside of North America.

Hazardous Waste Any unusable byproduct from the repair that may be harmful to the environment and thus can not be disposed of with normal waste.

LKQ LKQ stands for Like Kind and Quality, meaning these are used parts from the original manufacturer.

Mechanical Mechanical repairs are any repairs done to the car's motor or suspension.

Paintless Repair A paintless repair is any vehicle repair where no painting is involved.

R/P R/P, or Repair, is noted when a panel is to be repaired instead of replaced.

R&I R&I stands for Remove & Install. In cases where a part must be removed in order to work on another part of the vehicle, and then the same part will be put back once repairs are complete.

R&R R&R, or Remove & Replace, is used when a part must be removed and replaced with a new or LKQ part.

Refinish Refinishing is another word for painting a vehicle.

Supplement If an insurance adjuster has made any parts price adjustments, has found hidden damage, or omitted some of a vehicle's damage on the original estimate, a supplement is created as an additional, secondary estimate.




Jan 19, 2016 - The 4 Things You Need to do as Soon as You've Been in an Accident

The sudden influx of snow in the GTA has no doubt taken a lot of drivers by surprise. The beginning of winter generally leads to an increase in accidents from a lack of preparedness in most drivers, but this winter, thanks to El Nino, we didn't even have to worry about snow driving until mid-January. Many drivers still don't have snow tires on their cars (after all, who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on them until it's absolutely necessary?), and as a result, are having trouble keeping control of their cars on the road. While we absolutely advocate putting snow tires on your car (our next post will tell you why), no matter how careful you are, accidents are inevitable. Most of us think we know how we'd handle ourselves in the chance of a collision, but since our first big snow storm a couple weeks ago, we've realized a surprising number of customers don't know what to do in the event of a car accident.

Get photos or sketches of the accident - Photos of the accident will help not only in establishing who was at fault, but will also help you remember what happened. When it becomes a case of he-said-she-said, having photo evidence of the collision will always strengthen your case.

Get a police report - This is one step that many drivers are either unaware of, or put off doing at the time of an accident. It is essential that you report your accident and wait for the police to arrive to write up a report. One customer called us last week and admitted that because her accident happened in the middle of a snow storm, neither she nor the other driver involved had decided to file a report at the time of the accident. Understandably, the idea of waiting in the middle of a storm is less than appealing, but in order to get an accurate report of the scene, and subsequently, a much simpler process of going through your insurance, the police must be informed of the accident at the time.

Don't sign anything - Whether it's a towing or a repair authorization, don't sign anything if you aren't 100% sure. Don't even let a tow truck driver touch your car unless you're absolutely certain you need/want it towed. Often, as soon as they hook up your car, even if you change your mind, they will charge you a fee of a couple hundred dollars just to release it. If you do choose to have your truck towed, again, don't sign a repair authorization because many towing companies are associated with a specific body shop. Unless you're aware of and okay with the shop where the tow truck will drop your car off, signing anything will only add stress to an already stressful situation.

Stand your ground - Call your insurance company to report your accident, but know that ultimately, where you take your car is your decision. Sometimes insurance companies will strongly encourage you to bring your car to one of their authorized body shops, and that's okay! Keep in mind though, in the moment you may think it'll be easier not to argue and then to later request to bring it to a different shop, but it can be incredibly difficult to get your car released from the first body shop. It's always your choice, but it's important to stand your ground if you feel you're being backed into a corner by anyone, whether it be your insurance company, your car dealership, the towing company, or even a body shop.

It's hard to plan for a potential collision, and nobody ever hopes to get in one, but knowing these steps in the unfortunate chance that you do get in an accident will help you keep calm in the moment and will simplify the post-collision process.