You can make a difference. What you can do to be as eco-friendly as possible when it comes to your vehicle. 


Use water-based products

When cleaning your car, use water-based products. They still contain some toxins, but they contain significantly fewer than chemical-based ones. Use a spray nozzle on your hose to save water, and limit your use of cleaning products.

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Use the Car wash

If possible, take your car through the car wash instead—car wash facilities are required to filter their water after each use, so instead of disposing of dirty water into the environment and wasting water, they clean and reuse the same water.


When possible, Bike and carpool

The Canadian weather makes it a little hard to bike year-round, but take advantage of the few nice days we have by biking, instead of driving, everywhere. If you live near a coworker, consider carpooling, which not only reduces fuel emissions but will also save you money.


keep a Zero-Waste car kit

Whether it’s on the drive to work or on a road trip, we tend to consume a lot of fast food in the car. Keep reusable containers, coffee mugs, and cutlery in the car to avoid using single-use plastics and other disposable food containers.